“We’ve been very thankful for the moisture part of this, but it has come at a very challenging time of the year due to all the calves being born right now,” Rancher Titus Stenberg said.

Conditions outside aren’t just treacherous for people — it’s treacherous for animals as well.

“The wind has been the most difficult aspect of this. Just because it chills calves right away. And so it’s hard to keep them warm,” Stenberg said.

And with the blizzard, he said he’s had to move parts of his herd inside although there isn’t room for every animal.

“Every calf that is five days old and older, we’ve provided them shelter. Away from the wind, away from the snow. And we have a place that they can go, but the cows can’t. And so the cows wait outside and when the calf gets hungry, hopefully, it’s able to go out and find the right mother,” Stenberg said.

If the weather doesn’t get to the calves, they could face another danger.

“I’ve never seen a blizzard like this, especially this time of year where the cows that are outside, they’re almost standing right on top of each other. And so there will probably be some cases in the state where calves have been trampled, either day old or older calves,” Stenberg said.

One thing that he said will help is having faith.

“For those that aren’t ranchers, we do appreciate all the words of encouragement, all the prayers that have been said for us. They work. That’s been good to hear. For people that are ranchers, it’s tough. And we gotta have faith,” Stenberg said.