BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Those who ride motorcycles often enjoy the feeling of being free on the road, and catching the wind as they ride down scenic byways. However, it’s important to remember that this freedom comes with a sense of responsibility much like any other vehicle. Due to the nature of these bikes, fatal motorcycle accidents are typically more common than fatal car crashes — and this is especially the case in certain parts of the country.

In an effort to discover which states boasted the safest roads for motorcyclists, Orlando-based took data related to the annual number of fatal accidents and registered motorcycles in each state from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the US Department of Transportation. This enabled the group to identify the states that could be considered the most and least dangerous for their riders. When the average number of crashes per capita was taken into consideration, it was deemed that North Dakota is actually one of the safest states for motorcycles — ending up in 7th place overall in terms of the lowest amount of fatalities.

RankStateCrashes per 100,000 Registered Motorcycles
44New Hampshire28.23
46New York23.61
48North Dakota21.42
49South Dakota10.32

For every 100,000 registered motorcycles in the Peace Garden State, there are 21.42 fatal collisions — and while this number is something to be concerned about, it is still far lower than the national average of 57.59. It’s also worth noting that ND’s statistics are shared with many other states in the Midwest — including Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota.

As opposed to these below-average numbers, many southern states (including Florida, New Mexico, and the Carolinas) report accident numbers that are much higher than the national average. This is especially the case in Texas and South Carolina, which reported almost triple the U.S.’s median number of fatal accidents.

RankStateCrashes per 100,000 Registered Motorcycles
1South Carolina158.10
3North Carolina124.13
9New Mexico97.36

“Motorcycle safety isn’t just a concern for riders,” states Auto Justice Attorney representative Michael T. Gibson. “It’s a shared responsibility for everyone on the road. This data underscores definitive areas and situations where the risk is considerably elevated. It’s crucial that we, as a society, address these areas of concern — not just with heightened awareness, but also with tangible actions.”

Just like any motor vehicle, there are plenty of steps that motorcyclists can take to ensure that they are staying safe on the road. For more information relating to motorcycle safety in North Dakota, visit Vision Zero’s webpage on the topic here.