NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Seven years after last changing its tattoo restrictions, the Army has relaxed its policy again.

Soldiers can now have tattoos on their hands, back of their ears and back of their necks, according to a new directive signed on Thursday, June 23.

Only one hand tattoo that doesn’t exceed one inch in length; one tattoo no larger than two inches on the back of their neck; and one, inch-long tattoo behind each ear is allowed. Soldiers can now also have tattoos between their fingers as long as they can’t be seen when their fingers are closed.

Before this policy update, recruits who had tattoos in these areas had to file waiver exceptions and sometimes wait weeks before they could be processed into service, according to a press release. Through May this year, Army recruiters filed more than 650 waivers.

The waivers, which can take up to 14 days, impact the recruiting process because potential recruits who had tattoos in restricted areas could have decided to enlist in another military branch, according to Sgt. Maj. Ashleigh Sykes, a uniform policy sergeant major, who added that the Navy and the Marines have less restrictive tattoo policies.

Tattoos still may not contain any offensive, extremist or hateful words or images.

The last directive, in 2015, removed limits on the number of tattoos soldiers could have on their legs and arms.