The North Dakota Council of the Arts is looking to brighten up rural areas with Art Across the Prairie.

The program is looking to help fund permanent art work in the eight different regions of the state.

The twist is it must not be in a city or town — and it must sit in nature.

Stakeholders from each county in the region will come together to make a decision on what art piece would represent their vision best and then look for the artist to bring that vision to life.

Executive Director Kim Konikow says they want to attract people to areas they typically wouldn’t visit.

“We’re looking at being in our statewide community in a different way than just as a grantor. We want to be a partner. We want to be involved in economic development. We really want to see North Dakotans glow with pride for what we do in this state,” explained Konikow.

Konikow says they are expecting each project to take five to seven years to complete.