(KXNET) — Ashley farmer Kurt Groszhans, jailed for months in Ukraine, is back in North Dakota.

A short statement released by Senator Kevin Cramer Friday afternoon declared, “We can confirm Kurt is safely in North Dakota with his family and friends. Like us, we hope others respect Kurt’s privacy at this time. We welcome Kurt home and are grateful for his safe return.”

A similarly terse statement from Senator John Hoeven stated, “We are pleased that Kurt has returned safely to North Dakota, and we join his family and friends in welcoming home.”

According to Senator Cramer’s office, Groszhans returned to North Dakota on October 20th. CBS News reports that Groszhans provided the following statement:

“I am grateful to be home after this horrible ordeal. My family and supporters worked tirelessly over a long period of time to make this happen, and it was nice to be able to celebrate my birthday on North Dakota soil.

The fact they refused to classify me as a wrongful detainee was an unfortunate and politically cowardly act that cost me almost a year of my life.”

Groszhans moved to Ukraine in 2017 and began business ties with Roman Leshchenko.

In a blog post from August 2021, Groszhans described himself as a “humble American investor in the Ukrainian agro-industrial sector.” He goes on to say that Leshchenko deceived him and that he filed several lawsuits against Leshchenko that have been delayed in Ukrainian courts.

Groszhans was jailed at the end of 2021 and charged with attempting to assassinate Ukraine’s then-agriculture minister, Roman Leschenko- charges Groszhans and his family vehemently denied and said were aimed at silencing claims of corruption in Ukraine.

Groszhans was released from jail in June, but remained in the country until his return to North Dakota.