The Ashley farmer who’s been jailed in Ukraine for a little over four months has been moved to a new facility.

According to Sen. John Hoeven, Kurt Groszhans was relocated from Kyiv to Lviv.

Hoeven and Sen. Kevin Cramer have been working to get Groszhans to safety amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Groszhans has been jailed in Ukraine since November of last year on charges he plotted to assassinate Ukraine’s then-agriculture minister, Roman Leschenko.

“He’s still in Ukraine. But we have been able now to move him to a safer place. And, as we talked about earlier, our ultimate objective is to get him out of the country. So this is a really important step, moving him to Lviv, a safer location,” said Hoeven.

Leschenko resigned from his post as Ukraine’s agriculture minister in March.