The challenge to buy bus passes for students in need has received a major donation.

Aspire Credit Union donated more than $3000 to the bus pass challenge. This means the challenge has now raised more than $8,300 for passes.

The free bus passes will ensure hundreds of students in Minot Public Schools will no longer have to worry about how to commute to and from school.

Aspire’s contribution was drawn from their Employee Jeans Fund, which allows employees to wear jeans if they donate funds to make a local impact.

“Being able to go to school is something that is very important as you grow up and one of the last things a student should worry about is how to get there and so with this donation, we’re very excited to help support over 120 bus passes for students so that they can go and get the education that they deserve,” says Rianne Kuhn, marketing and communications coordinator for Aspire Credit Union.

Organizers of the challenge, Power of the Purse, say they will be matching total donations up to $5,040.

The bus pass challenge lasts until January. Passes will be distributed throughout the remainder of the school year.