A fraud alert has been issued for the public and members of Aspire Credit Union after they noticed an imposter website.

According to Marketing Communications Coordinator Rianne Kuhn, the fake website has copied and slightly altered its logo.

The credit union believes the fake webpage is intended to phish personal information from account holders.

Meanwhile, officials would not comment if any member has fallen victim to the fraudulent website or how long it has been running.

They however are warning the public against doing business on the site.

“We’ve not had a security breach. That is something that we wanted to proactively share with our members. This has not affected our security, this has not affected anyone’s private information,” Kuhn said.

“It is just a website that is out there and we’re doing this to educate our members. We’ve submitted with the FBI Internet Crime Department and have notified our local police department as well,” she added.

As Aspire works to have the website taken down, customers may have to go through an added layer of security to confirm their identity when making transactions remotely.

Customers are advised to monitor and report their account activity if they entered their information on the copy-cat site.