Parrell Grossman, the Director of the Consumer Protection Division, says the Attorney General’s Office is now investigating Glasser Images.

Grossman says the AG’s Office has received about 50 complaints in the last day, and he says that number could rise significantly.

Grossman tells KX News that a large deposit was taken by the company in October, and attempts by the company to solicit invoices be paid in full for a discount in August are among the biggest current concerns with possible consumer fraud by the company.

The Attorney General’s Office says these are just allegations and the investigation is not complete and could take months.

Glasser Images goes out of business leaving customers short of money, and memories

Cases like this are fairly rare in North Dakota, according to Grossman. Consumers who were working with Glasser Images are encouraged to reach out to the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection; you can file a claim online.

There had been complaints about Glasser Images to the AG’s Office during COVID, however, those were mediated, and not in the same context as the current situation.

Glasser Images hires a number of contracted employees. Grossman says while those businesses can reach out to the AG’s Office to provide information, they would fall under private legal action instead of consumer protection.