The murder trial against Chad Isaak will go on in June as scheduled. Isaak is accused of killing four people on April 1 of 2019 at RJR Maintenance and Management.

Earlier this week, Judge David Reich heard arguments in the case that involved Isaak’s defense attorney Robert Quick asking to withdraw as the attorney on file.

Reich made his ruling Friday, May 7, allowing Quick to withdraw as counsel. However, Reich said the other attorney’s on file from the Fargo office of the Vogel Law Firm are not being permitted to withdraw.

Isaak filed a disciplinary complaint against his attorney Quick in April. That filing caused Quick to ask for a withdrawal from the case stating a conflict of interest.

That sparked Quick saying Vogel lawyers should also be withdrawn as they were hired by Quick, and considered secondary counsel. Judge Reich rejected the implication they are secondary counsel and have less responsibility in the case.

At this time, none of the lawyers from Vogel Law Firm have made a motion to withdraw. Isaak said during Wednesday’s status conference that he did not want the Vogel lawyers to withdraw, but he may possibly represent himself in the case if that were to happen.

The case is a little more than two years old, and that was another concern of Judge Reich’s in his ruling.

A change of attorney would further delay the trial.

The trial is set to start June 7 and currently scheduled for three weeks.