As people come back home to visit for the holidays, bars around the country anticipate getting busier than usual — at least since the pandemic.

The day before Thanksgiving is among the busiest times of the year for bars.

At Arny’s in Minot, the owner, Melissa Wright, said it could be hit or miss.

“It can be really busy or it can be really slow but we just prepare with having our best staff on at that time. We are actually doing something on Friday. We’re having a DJ here and drinks specials,” said Wright.

A bartender at The Spot said no matter what they’re ready for all the foot traffic.

“We have a little bit more stuff than normal. We’ve been trying to put up a little more decorations, make it a little bit more festive, and then the Friday following Thanksgiving we’re also having an event. It’s a reindeer photo-op with reindeer, Santa, and Christmas trees so a little bit of the thanksgiving feel but also a little bit of the Christmas feel,” said Kevin McGlaughlin.