Betty White would have turned 100 years old on Monday, and for her birthday, people are challenged to donate in her honor.

The Betty White Challenge encourages people to donate $5 to their local animal shelter or rescue.

For Belle’s Sake, a local animal nonprofit and rescue, celebrated by holding a meet and greet with some of its adoptable animals.

The founder says it’s important to hold events like this because you have to meet animals and make a connection.

She also says she and the other founder were big Betty White fans.

“She just has this personality that is booming, but she was a huge advocate for the animal kingdom,” said Founder Shelby Bird. “And we’re talking everything from domesticated pets to wild animals. She was an advocate and to lose her was a huge blow to the animal kingdom and to animal rescue and welfare. so I think that it’s wonderful that the world is kind of gathering together to honor her.”

One animal was adopted and many others have applications.

The donations that were received today go toward the community spay and neuter program to help lower the number of animals on the street and in rescues.