Carrying small amounts of marijuana or THC has been reduced from a misdemeanor to an infraction after recent legislation.

House Bill 1213 states that if you have less than half an ounce of marijuana or less than two grams of THC, it’s no longer a class B misdemeanor.

The Ward County sheriff says if you are pulled over and you have marijuana, the patrol cars don’t have calibrated scales in them so the drugs would be weighed back at the station.

If you are cited with an infraction, you must appear in court and pay a fine the judge orders.

“It still impairs your ability to drive. So, just like alcohol is legal to consume, but not legal to over-consume and drive, marijuana is the same way. It does affect your ability to drive, so you can also get a driving under the influence of marijuana if you smoke too much of it, I guess,” said Bob Roed.

Roed says if you get three infractions, it becomes a class B misdemeanor on your record.

Legislators say part of the reason they changed the law is to free up space in the jails.

However, Sheriff Roed says it’s rare people serve jail time for marijuana and that they usually have other drugs in the car, which is what they serve jail time for.