Youth in the area need more mentors. To see the benefits of mentorship, KX News met up with some people who are in a local program.

“There are kids in our neighborhoods that need help,” said Braun Knutson.

There are 50 kids enrolled in the Bis-Man Mentor Squad program, and 20 of them are waiting for male mentors.

We caught up with Knutson, who says he’s been mentoring for three years.

“They’ve basically become a part of my family. It’s very rewarding to see them grow and get along with my own kids,” said Knutson.

The organization not only had to move in-person visits to Zoom, but they are also struggling with funding. To help with that, they plan to sell charcuterie boards.

Ron Day is making these boards by hand for next to nothing.

“It’s all about giving back. It’s something that the community truly. It’s a value to the community.
It’s a great cause. They’re not out there to make a million dollars, and I’m not out here to make a million dollars. It’s my hobby,” said Day, the owner of Daygoose Turnings and Furniture.

So, how do the kids benefit from the program? Well, you’ll have to hear it from them. Here’s what Knutson’s mentee’s had to say:

“Maybe I get in an argument with my mom or something, and I can just go see him and spend time with him,” said Deakon.

“Before that, we would just be sitting at home doing really nothing other than just playing video games. There’s really no other kids in our neighborhood,” said Talon.

They say he’s been more than just a mentor.

“He’s been like a father figure to us and taught us right from wrong, even if it’s like not with the program, I hope we can still be pretty close,” said Talon.

If you’re wondering what it’s like being a mentor, Knutson gave us one word.

“Fulfilling. Very fulfilling,” said Knutson.

The Bis-Man Mentor squad will be selling the charcuterie boards at The Bistro throughout the month of June. Money raised goes to background checks, mentor training and recruitment.

To become a mentor, or for more information on their charcuterie fundraiser, click HERE.