A welder by trade, Cody Adolphson has been around steel all his life- making his work as a blacksmith second nature.

“I got into blacksmithing because I’m from North Dakota,” Adolphson says, “Born and raised , so naturally I was around hunting and fishing. I always had a knife, carried a knife, was interested in them. I’ve done metalworking since I was 18 years old. My dad put a welding helmet on me when I was six.”

While his forge at Little Wolf Ironworks has only been making blades for two years, Cody’s already proven to be a cut above, with some of his designs making the cover of knife magazines like Blade.

He’s been so effective, in fact, that he’s been asked to appear on the History Channel’s ‘Forged In Fire’: a televised smithing contest that pits master bladesmiths against each other to forge and test some of the most famous edged weapons in history.

Cody appeared on the show’s most recent season, where he’s competing for the title of Forged in Fire Champion, as well as a $10,000 dollar grand prize.

Needless to say, he was excited to test his metal against other great smiths in the very same arena that inspired him to take up the hobby in the first place.

“Forged in Fire came on TV, I started watching it, then, I was kinda like, ‘I can do that!,” says Adolphson. “Now, I’m going to go be able to do the thing that got me into this, and it’s kind of a dream come true that I actually get to compete on the show.”

But for Cody, forging isn’t all about the fame and fine steel- It’s an art that needs to be kept alive, and the show may very well be one of the sparks to start a new burning desire for bladesmithing in the modern age.

“The show has really helped pick up the interest in bladesmithing and blacksmithing,” he explains, “but you gotta stick with it, it’s a dying art. You need to keep going with it, teaching people and showing them how it works.”

While the episodes haven’t aired yet, Cody hopes you’ll tune in to the latest episode to see him in action.

The Forged In Fire episode featuring Cody will premiere on May 4th on the History Channel, at 8 PM Central Time.