A Bismarck girl scout received a huge surprise from her troop she will be getting free braces.

Viktoria Gilliam was nominated by her troop leader for free braces through Hunter’s Smile.

The project was created to give people in the community braces, in memory of HunterSeifert who was a patient of Orthodontist Dustin Hollevoet.

Troop leader Rhea Beto says everything about Seifert’s story and his positive outlook on life reminded her of Viktoria.

“Tori is exactly that same character. She embodies just happiness and joy. Even though she’s had her own adversities to over come.” explained Beto, the Girl Scout Troop Leader of Troop 83007.

“It makes me feel really happy that like everyone supports me. Because like I would support them,” shared Viktoria.

Beto says Viktoria is always the first one willing to help or volunteer.