“I expect us to hopefully get back to where we were before the pandemic,” said Russel Fix, Manager, Grand 22.

Even before the pandemic, with the rise of streaming services, Grand 22 has managed to stay on top.

“We have the personal touch. The fact that no two theaters are the same. The newest equipment, the newest systems, the digital projectors, the laser projectors. That’s something we put in that some of the corporate theaters just don’t do,” said Fix.

Like many businesses, the pandemic did force them to make some serious changes.
Flashback Cinema, temperature screening, and social distancing, all came into play.

Now that restrictions have loosened, and the Hollywood film industry is back in production, things are starting to look a little more normal.

“We’re excited to finally get new movies. Big new movies, and movies that are going to be exclusive just to the theater. It’s just something we’ve missed over the last year,” said Fix.

We caught up Elle Duckwitt, who says it feels good to be back out and about.

“There wasn’t a whole lot to do last summer. Activity-wise. So this is nice change to be able to do stuff again,” said moviegoer, Elle Duckwitt.

Duckwitt drove for 45 minutes to see her film, and says she’s happy to do it.

“I have a lot of good memories at the theater.
Some of my favorite movies, I first watched in theaters.
So, being able to watch more movies in theaters is very cool,” said Duckwitt.

“I think the biggest thing that people miss, have missed is the communal feeling.
There’s nothing like going to a big movie and have a full crowd or have a packed auditorium.
It doesn’t matter how good your home theater system is. It not the same,” said Fix.

Fix said they still plan to take extra time between showings for cleaning, and they will try to keep the lobby as open as possible for social distancing. Moviegoers are also no longer required to wear masks.