Home COVID test sales are on the rise across the country as many people head home for the holidays to gather with family and loved ones.

One Bismarck pharmacy said their home tests have been flying off the shelves.

Another pharmacy, Mayo Pharmacy doesn’t offer home tests but say they’ve seen a steady stream of people getting tested in-store ever since the delta variant became dominant.

Pharmacy Owner Kevin Martian says while COVID testing is helpful, lots more people this year are testing positive for the flu instead.

That’s something that was nearly nonexistent last year.

“I didn’t dispense a single Tamiflu prescription, which I don’t know if that’s ever happened. I don’t know if we just weren’t detecting it. Now it’s pretty obvious, we’ve got some really overtly ill people negative for COVID, and now we’re thinking the radar is up to check for influenza and I think the clinics in the area are seeing a lot of that,” Martian said.

Mayo Pharmacy has both online appointments and walk-in testing in downtown Bismarck.

Martian says on a busy day, they sometimes test up to 50 people.