BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Bismarck police say that on Nov. 2, 2021, around 9 a.m., 18-year-old Chase Hurdle walked away from Bismarck High School.

In a press release Friday, police say they have reason to believe Hurdle may have jumped off the Memorial Bridge.

“During the initial investigation, we were able to find a lot of surveillance video between Bismarck High School and the Memorial Bridge and that is kind of the route that Chase took ee also found. We were also able to get cell phone tower data that kind of led in that direction as well and one of the last places he was seen was around the Bank of North Dakota. Witnesses also say that they saw an individual matching the description of Chase on the Memorial Bridge shortly before somebody jumped off,” said Lt. Luke Gardiner.

Gardiner says though the jump was reported in November, we’re coming near the time of year when things may begin to resurface.

“There’s a big fishing tournament going on in the Missouri River just this weekend and it kind of marks when a lot more people are out there so the more awareness we have the better. Especially for a family that just wants some closure,” he added.

Searches done by BPD are mostly on the ground because they don’t have a boat for water searches — but other assisting agencies that they partner with do.

He also says he’s not expecting people to go jumping into the water or grabbing anything that they do see themselves.

“What we’re asking for is for people to just call 911 and let us know that ‘Hey, there’s something floating in the river that might be in relation to this individual that jumped off the bridge’ and then we can get the dive and rescue teams out to do their job and help us get that evidence or the person,” said Gardiner.

He says the family simply wants closure for Hurdle.

“I can’t imagine or even put myself in the shoes of Chase’s parents or his family and I just– we just want to bring Chase back,” said Gardiner.

This year alone, Gardiner says that in Bismarck there have been a total of 26 missing person reports — four that are open and 22 that are closed.

With the rising numbers of missing people in the area, their goal as a department is to continue to team up for the tasks.

“We follow up on any lead that comes in here, in fact, as early as this week we still had some leads that went nowhere for Chase, and for other people. So there’s missing person reports from Bismarck Police Department that go back years,” he added.

The World Population Review report for 2022 shows that 31 people are missing in North Dakota. And the question arises: what reports are accounted for and are all missing cases being reported?