It’s always a nice feeling when you’re recognized for doing a good job — and it’s even better when you’ve nominated your boss and he’s receiving it.

Bismarck Scheels Store Leader Tyler Halm received the Patriot Award in recognition of his support of the National Guard and Reserve.

“I submitted this award three months ago for Scheels to accept or be nominated for the Patriot Award which shows that the employer does support the National Guard, whether it’s a drill weekend, I’m on my two weeks of annual training, or even a deployment, to let me know that my job is secure when I come back, that they’ll take care of my family and anything they need to do for us, and they put us first which is greatly appreciated,” said Sgt. Joey Vandervliet.

“It’s absolutely amazing, one to be nominated and be recognized for this award and to receive it, it means a lot to us, to the company certainly means a lot, but I do have to give recognition to the brave men and women that serve for our country; the thanks really goes out to them. For everything they do, it makes what we do back here that much easier.,” said Halm.

Scheels has a number of other employees who are Guard members.

Halm’s wife is also in the military.