BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — Bismarck street crews continue efforts to keep snow emergency routes open during today’s winter storm.

Acting Director of Service Operations Doug Wiles says, due to the significant snow fall and blowing and drifting snow conditions, crews have been forced to focus efforts on keeping snow emergency routes passable during the storm. Once the storm has passed and emergency routes remain open, crews will begin plowing operations on major arterial streets and then residential areas.

Wiles also says because of the large amount of snow, snow gates will not be as effective on plows. Crews will make every effort to use the snow gates to make driveways passable, but they can’t make any guarantees.

“City crews will continue to work 24/7 until all streets have been plowed,” Wiles says. “Please drive with caution, slow down, and leave additional space between vehicles to allow for safe braking and unexpected actions.”

Other reminders:

  • Move vehicles off streets to aid in snow removal operation. Keep them off the street until the plows have cleaned your street.
  • Snow Gates are used to make driveways passable (8 foot width driveways) and should reduce the amount of snow deposited by snow plows into driveways. The snow will now be deposited at the side of the driveway. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that sightlines do not cause safety risks. 
  • Mailbox Clearance: It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear snow around their mailbox. If it is a cluster box, it is the responsibility of those residents to clear the snow from around the cluster box. 
  • A reminder to businesses and residents: According to City Ordinance (10-03-04), a person may not move, dump or deposit by any means any snow or ice accumulated on private property onto any public street, alley, or public right-of-way. The fine for this violation is up to $1,000.
  • Adopt a Hydrant:  We ask for everyone’s help to clear snow from around the hydrants by “adopting” a hydrant in your neighborhood. The snow should be cleared 6 inches below all the caps and 3 to 4 feet around the hydrant. This gives firefighters the space they need to attach hoses and turn on water in case of a fire in your neighborhood. If you are a business owner, please take the time to ensure the hydrants in your area are kept clear also.
  • Dumpsters: It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear snow around dumpsters. In order to ensure that the waste is emptied during the winter months, the snow must be removed in front and around the container. The container must be moved a minimum of 7 feet from where it is setting in order to be emptied. The waste collection crew must be able to maneuver the container in order to hook it up to the truck.