FARGO, ND (KXNET) — Retirees and Snowbirds, over time, have established popular routes to follow when going from Point A to Point B for seasonal or permanent moves.

And North Dakota is home to two of those well-traveled routes.

Consumer investment website IRAInvesting.com surveyed 3,000 retirees asking them, hypothetically, what their ultimate retirement or wintering destination combinations are. When the results were tabulated, there were 120 routes that ranked highest among all the suggestions.

The 34th most ideal retirement combination, as voted by 3,000 respondents, was between Fargo and Boca Raton, Florida. As the Great Plains winters loom, Boca Raton serves as a lavish and warm refuge. And when the scorching heat of summer looms in the south, North Dakota makes for a great, cooler refuge.

The 116th most ideal retirement combination is between Bismarck and Jonesboro, Arkansas. While many people assume North Dakota’s primary destinations are California, Arizona, Illinois and Florida, few realize that Arkansas is also a preferred destination. Jonesboro is very close to Memphis, Tennessee and and a day-trip to Nashville. Jonesboro offers a smaller community atmosphere without the hassles of a big city, yet is close enough to popular destinations.

Below are the top five travel combos that made the list:

#1 Fort Collins (CO) + Long Beach (CA)

#2 Portland (ME) + Orlando (FL)

#3 Cape Cod (MA) + Clearwater (FL)

#4 Buffalo (NY) + Palm Springs (CA)

#5 Albany (NY) + Asheville (NC)

You can read the complete report and view all 120 destination combos here.