ADOM African Market opened in 2016 and owner Mashudu Abubakar took over in 2019.

The market carries food and goods from Africa that are sometimes hard to come by.

“Sometimes we do drive to Fargo. That is the nearest place you can get anything that looks like African food,” he said.

Abubakar encourages locals to come in a try new things. The market not only carries African delicacies like smoked fish and fufu, but it also carries hair and beauty products that can be hard to find.

“We do have some residents of North Dakota come in and some just look around but most they find out we have food that they’ve heard about and don’t know how to prepare it, so we help with that,” said Abubakar.

He adds getting goods to North Dakota is a process. Since he is not able to get items straight from Africa, he has to look to other states, like New York and Texas.

“We are not able to order straight from Africa because it will take forever. Most of the items, including Ghana yam, is difficult to find. Even if you do find it it doesn’t last that long because it takes forever to be collected at the sea port,” he said.

Even still, Abubakar has been able to grow the market. Soon, the African Market will have a second location that will offer shoppers a new addition: Liberian cuisine.

“It’s a bigger place than here so we’re adding another spot where we can serve food. You come in and don’t know what you’re looking at — we will have a picture of what you can make out of it and the recipe, how to get it done. So opening this type of shop is to serve the African community and introduce Bismarck residents to African culture,” said Abubakar.

The new store is scheduled to open at the beginning of March.