The livestock industry has taken many blows over the past years, from the drought to the rising price of proper feed.

And the snow we’re expected to get brings its own share of problems.

Ranchers are already working to keep their herds warm — including stocking up on extra blankets and windbreaks.

But there may be an unexpected high point to the storm: more water covering the land.

“It’s gonna be pretty hard to swallow while it’s storming,” said local rancher Matthew Rebenitsch, “but the ground has opened up, the frost is pretty much out, so all the snow that’s gonna melt is gonna go into the ground. This one could be a game-changer on the farming end of it. As long as it rains.”

Farmers and ranchers are hopeful that the melted snow will aid in combatting the drought; however, they still need more rain in the future.