Bismarck Public Schools are in the process of building a new Elementary School in the northeast part of town. They held a groundbreaking ceremony earlier today.

The 20 million dollar project was brought about due to population growth. This is one of two new elementary schools the district is building.

Superintendent Dr. Jason Hornbacher tells us the ceremony not only celebrates the growing community, but the hard work that has gone into getting this school ready.

“It’s so exciting. The only thing that’s missing is maybe some walls and some students right now. It’s really exciting to see that in less than a year or so we’re going to have kids and teachers and parents walking these grounds and enjoying a new building, said Dr. Jason Hornbacher, Superintendent, Bismarck Public Schools.

Dr. Hornbacher says they plan to finish the school by the fall of 2022. He also tells us a name hasn’t been chosen yet, but options will be presented to the School board within the next 30 days.