BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department has revealed their latest ATV model — a machine that they hope will help them protect those struggling in any conditions.

Deputy Augustin Wolf states that the vehicle includes a full GPS system, and is currently equipped to successfully pass through water without issue. In the winter, the department notes that they will add tracks. The enclosed vehicle also possesses air conditioning and radio, making it perfect for all climates.

“It’s got coordinates on it too,” explains Wolf, “so we know exactly where we’re at — and obviously, it’s got the little light bar on it, so we can actually pull cars over.”

Wolf says the vehicle is great for patrolling along the river, mainly where trucks aren’t going to reach — but also that it could be used for manhunts in the badlands or more barren areas.

“Most of the time,” Wolf states, “we’ll bring it down to the desert — we have shifts when we patrol specifically that area. We’ve got a couple hundred people down there, so we’ll bring it down there and can arrest people, and throw in the back if we need to. We’ve even got a little gunrack back there, too, so we can unlock a shotgun from it if we need it.”

The vehicle has already been deployed around five times.