Cardiologists are saying the new iPhone 12 and the charger can be dangerous for some patients.

Heart Rhythm Society is saying people who have defibrillators or pacemakers should take precautions when using the new technology.

The new latest phone and the wireless charger have magnetic rings to connect.

But CHI St. Alexius’ Interventional Cardiologist says the magnet switches the tool into safety mode.

“If they have a defibrillator, if it’s not checked by a rep or by an electric physiologist or cardiologist who’s fluent in pacemakers, their defibrillator will stay turned off. So if they go into a fatal arrhythmia they will not receive the benefit of that life-saving therapy,” said Michael Flisak.

Dr. Flisak says the best option is to keep your phone and charger as far away from the area your defibrillator or pacemaker is located.