TOWNER COUNTY, N.D. (KXNET) — The investigation into the deaths of Doug Dulmage, Justin Bracken, Richard Bracken, and Robert Backen has revealed that there was a dispute between brothers Robert Bracken and Richard Bracken.

That dispute had been escalating for a week or more prior to the events of August 29.

According to a Facebook post from Towner County Sheriff’s Office, the investigating agencies are now in possession of preliminary autopsy results which indicate that Doug, Justin, and Richard all died as a result of multiple fatal gunshot wounds.

Robert had one fatal, self-inflicted gunshot wound and was in possession of the firearm that was recovered at the scene.

The Brackens worked for Dulmage and were in the wheat field to conduct harvest-related activities.

Evidence at the scene indicates that Robert fatally shot Doug, Justin (Robert’s son), and Richard, before taking his own life.