New developments in the Chad Isaak case.

Chad Isaak, who’s accused of killing four employees of RJR Maintenance and Management in Mandan in April, is asking for large amounts of evidence to be thrown out.

Isaak’s attorney filed court documents asking for suppression of evidence, along with a change of venue; He wants his trial moved out of Morton County.

We went through 30 pages of court filings in the case, some of which included the defense team stating law enforcement seized cell-site location information (CSLI) without a warrant.

The defense is further arguing against a warrant for Google device data in the area where the homicides took place.

They said the warrant sought all device data in the target zone, vacuuming up untold amounts of unrelated devices’ data.

The defense team used this example in court documents: “probable cause does not exist to search every garage within a five-mile radius when a vehicle theft occurs. Similarly, probable cause does not exist to search all nearby data when a homicide occurs.”

Here’s what the defense wants to be thrown out:

  • Google search information
  • The search of Chad Isaak’s F-150
  • The searches of electronic devices owned by Isaak including his cell phone and computer hard drive
  • Evidence found during searches through Isaak’s business Facebook account

Documents refer to all of this as tainted evidence — creating a chain reaction of evidence stemming back to the original information gained through the CSLI evidence that did not come from a warrant.

While Isaak is asking for evidence suppression, he’s also asking for a change of venue.

Isaak said substantial pretrial publicity has prejudiced his ability to receive an impartial trial in Morton County.

The defense team claims media has branded him as a mass murderer instead of affording him the presumption of innocence.

While the defense has placed all these motions into the court record, there will be another hearing.

On Dec. 19, Judge Gail Hagerty is expected to hear the motion on suppression back at the Morton County Courthouse at 9 a.m.