The case against accused murderer Chad Isaak remains in limbo just one month before the trial is scheduled to start.

Isaak said during Wednesday’s status conference hearing he’s now thinking of representing himself in the case. Judge David Reich cautioned Isaak against this.

Isaak filed a disciplinary complaint against his attorney Robert Quick in April. That complaint led Quick to file a motion to withdraw as Isaak’s lawyer stating a conflict of interest.

With Quick withdrawing, secondary attorneys from the Vogel Law Firm would also no longer be on the case.

The trial is set to start June 7 in Morton County.

Judge Reich says he does not want to see more delays in the case and will make a ruling by the end of this week. Reich will rule on whether Quick’s withdrawal as an attorney is granted.

It could take a new defense attorney several months to get up to speed ahead of a new trial because of the large amount of discovery in the case.

Isaak is accused of murdering four RJR employees in Mandan on April 1 of 2019.