9:50 a.m.: Judge Reich adjourns the sentencing hearing. People in the audience clap.

South Central District Judge David Reich

9:44 a.m.: Judge Reich says Chad Isaak committed “a senseless act of extreme and brutal violence.” Says Isaak has not shown any remorse.

Reich sentences Chad Isaak to four life terms in prison without the possibility of parole, to be served consecutively. Gives Isaak credit of 1,000 days for time already served. Says Isaak has 30 days to appeal the sentences.

Chad Isaak

9:37 a.m.: Isaak’s defense team. Chad Isaak wants to make a statement. “I can honestly tell you I’m not a murderer and that’s all I have to say,” Isaak tells the court. Defense asks that Isaak should be sentenced to life with the possibility of parole and that the sentences be served concurrently, or at the same time. Says questions in the case remain unanswered. Sentencing Chad Isaak to life in prison without parole belies the idea that people are redeemable. The law makes an accommodation for the inability to peer into the future at how a person has possibly changed by having the opportunity to consider parole decades from now via the State Parole Board. Who knows whether Isaak may change in the future, that he may realize what he did, show remorse and, through his actions in prison, no longer pose a threat to the community.

9:28: The state recommends regarding the murder convictions of Chad Isaak against Lois Cobb, Bill Cobb, Adam Fuehrer, Robert Fakler — the state asks for life without parole, all to run consecutively, or one after the other. Also, 10 years for the firearm charge. Unlawful entry, the state asks for 5 years. Unauthorized use of a vehicle, the state asks for 30 days. State says Chad Isaak acted with premeditation, one of the reasons why the state is asking for life in prison without parole. State says Isaak hasn’t shown remorse and doesn’t show remorse. State says the crimes had a level of brutality and preplanning. The level of brutality and harm to the families and community demands life without parole.

9:23 a.m.: Shirley Metzger impact statement. Adam’s stepmother. “I had Adam since he was a young boy.” “You took my kid away from me, you had no right to do that. You are a monster, yes. We’re taught that we have to forgive. I can’t forgive you. You killed my son over and over and over.” “There is nothing I can say to you, Chad Isaak, that will bring Adam back.” “What you did to Adam was brutal, uncalled for.” “Do you have feelings, I don’t think you do.”

9:13 a.m.: Adam Fuehrer’s sister impact statement. “Adam was not scared of hard work. … There was no stopping Adam.” “Adam was not a quitter.” He also liked camping. “Adam would never hurt anyone.” “I miss his laugh, smile and especially his hugs. You knew when he hugged you he loved you.” “Chad isaak, You need to sit in jail until you rot. I wish you could feel the fear you put in your victims every day of your life.” “Chad Isaak is a monster.” Adam’s other sister Stephanie statement. “To the Isaak family, I have the deepest sympathy for you.” “Chad Isaak, you have stolen precious people from their families. You need to understand what you took.” To Chad Isaak, “I will never forgive you. You do not deserve sympathy, leniency and your definitely do not deserve forgiveness. … You have not shown any human decency.”

9:09 a.m.: Melissa Fuehrer impact statement. Adam’s wife. “Adam was my husband … He was an awesome father to our boys. … They loved him so much.” “I have to take on the role of mom and dad and I find that very difficult” when your whole world has fallen. “Adam would have given you the shirt off his back.” “We had 19 years together and I will cherish those years together forever.”

8:50 a.m.: Jackie Fakler impact statement. First, reads statements from Bill and Lois Cobb family members who could not appear in person due to the weather. Amy Cobb’s statement. She is, Bill Cobb’s daughter. “April 1, 2019 plays in my head, over and over, almost daily,” Cobb writes. Bill and Lois Cobb “were amazing people who loved their children.” “They didn’t get to watch me become a mom” and they won’t get to see her children grow up. “The amount of support we have received from everyone has been amazing.” “Chad Isaak, you’re a monster who deserves nothing less than spending the rest of your life in prison.” Tyler Cobb, Bill’s son written statement. “I hope, you Chad Isaak, suffers the rest of your miserable life the way we have to.” Brianne Miller, Bill’s daughter, impact statement. “You took parents away from their kids, grandparents away from their grandparents.” Says the family is left wondering why Isaak committed the killings. “How dare you leave us stuck wondering why our loved ones are no longer with us. Our families suffered and for what?” “My parents had huge hearts so this confuses me why this happened.” “I hope your actions forever haunt you as they haunt me.” Todd, Lois’ son. “The loss of your mother, no matter your age, changes you forever.”

Jackie Fakler now speaks for herself. “Isaak you’re a coward. You did not give them a chance to flee, a chance to fight. What were you afraid of?” “The thing I have a hard time, Isaak, is I can’t forgive you. You took so much that day.” “I don’t hate but you have made me hate. Thank God I have the individuals I have around me.” “I am glad you’re behind bars and hopefully for the rest of your life. You’re uncaring, you’re unthinking.” “I want everyone to know these four individuals were wonderful people.” “I don’t think you feel any remorse for it at all. You’re cold.”

8:35 a.m.: Jamie Binstock impact statement. Her statement was aimed at Chad Isaak and she spoke to him directly. “You took away my father and changed people’s lives.” Her father was Robert Fakler. Describes her father as a loving person. “You took everything from my mom. The amount of suffering she’s gone through since April 2019 is harrowing.” She, her husband and children moved back to Mandan to support her mother. Says to Isaak if your goal was to ruin RJR Maintenance and Management, “you failed.” “I hope you feel lifetimes of suffering. I want you to sob the same way I did when I got the call. … I do not want your life to end. … I hope you have nightmares.” “I think you are a dangerous person and I hope you spend the rest of your life in prison until your last breath.”

8:33 a.m.: Chad Isaak sentencing hearing is underway. Judge David Reich presiding.


Convicted murderer Chad Isaak will learn his fate later this morning when he is sentenced for his role in the 2019 killings of four people at RJR Maintenance and Management in Mandan.

Isaak was found guilty August 20 after a three-week trial on charges he murdered RJR Maintenance and Management co-owner Robert Fakler and employees Lois Cobb, William Cobb and Adam Fuehrer at the RJR building in Mandan on April 1, 2019.

The jury deliberated for four and a half hours over two days, when they convicted the Washburn resident and chiropractor.

Judge David Reich

Isaak was also found guilty of burglary for unlawfully entering the RJR building while it was closed to the public, unlawful entry into William Cobb’s RJR vehicle and unauthorized use of the RJR vehicle, which was driven to Indigo Signs shortly after the killings at RJR.

Following the jury’s decision, South Central District Judge Reich ordered a pre-sentence investigation and an opportunity for victim impact statements.

A motive for the murders was never officially found and Isaak has refused to say why he killed the four people.

The sentencing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. KX News will carry the sentencing live on air and at the website.