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Note: The titles listed for each of the witnesses is the title or job they held on April 1, 2019. The witnesses may have different titles or jobs today.

Thursday, August 12

4:31 p.m.: Judge David Reich recesses the case for the day. The proceedings will resume on Friday, August 13 at 8:30 a.m.

3:41 p.m.: Witness called — Arnie Rummel, Bureau of Criminal Investigation supervisory special agent. Details his training and experience in law enforcement. Stationed by BCI in Jamestown. Has been involved in investigating 85 homicides in his 39-year career.

Witness Arnie Rummel

Rummel discusses how law enforcement processes a crime scene. Look for things out of the ordinary, things that were brought to a crime scene, things that are missing from a crime scene. On April 1, 2019, was assigned to assist in processing the RJR crime scene and supervise the case as it progressed. After being informed of the particulars at the crime scene, he recognized he would need a lot of agents to work the crime scene. Says he arrived at RJR around 10:00 a.m., on April 1, 2019. When he arrived, the crime scene had been secured. Noticed the crime scene inside was messy, things had been strewn around. Testifies all agents on scene took precautions to prevent cross-contamination of evidence and that they all followed proper procedures at the scene.

Worked with special agent Joe Arenz throughout the case in a support mode. Says a drone was dispatched to help document the scene from the air and possibly help look for evidence. Also coordinated agents to canvas the area to look for video evidence and interview people who might be potential witnesses. Used viideo evidence from businesses to help identify the suspect and provide information on the suspect’s movement and clothing.

Says he noticed while he was near and in RJR, he wore hunter orange. When he left the area and was going away from RJR, he was wearing dark or black clothing. The change of clothing was significant because wearing hunter orange indicates a person is out hunting, he was hunting people. Then he changes to dark afterward because he now doesn’t want to be seen. This indicated to Rummel a particular mindset of the suspect — he went out to kill.

Used the Big O Tires video and saw the suspect by a fence behind the store, so they went annd measured the height of the fence and were able to determine his height based on his placement by the fence. They estimated a six foot tall person.

Says it was significant they they didn’t find shell casings and clothing. From that, they surmised he took it all with him so it couldn’t be found.

Says they were looking for a white Ford F-150 pickup with an extended cab with rust spots. There are a lot of white pickups in ND, but they were looking for a specific truck that had a particular rust pattern on the driver side rear wheel well based on the surveillance videos.

Rummel says he was notified a Washburn deputy was confident a truck in the community was similar to the suspect truck being sought. Went to Washburn on April 4. Arrived about 3:30 p.m.. or 4:00 p.m.

Watched the traffic stop that detained Chad Isaak. Felt the fact Isaak was smiling when he was detained was “weird.” With a lot of guns pointed at him, he wouldn’t expect the person to smile. Felt the large number of responding officers was appropriate because they were dealing with a suspect that may have killed several people, so they didn’t know what his mindset would be in a confrontation with law enforcement.

Says search warrants were obtained for Chad Isaak, his business, his pickup and for his residence. The searches took place at slightly different times.

Chad Isaak’s residence was searched on April 4. Rummel says they were searching for items that would connect Chad Isaak to the RJR crime scene. Looking for guns, ammunition, shell casings, fibers for clothing that might match the clothing in the video. Looking for hunter orange clothing, camouflage clothing and a knife.

Rummel says they did find most of the things they were looking for. It’s significant because they are pieces that tie Chad Isaak to the RJR crime scene. They found an orange sweatshirt, dark clothing, dark gloves, knives, dark shoes. Those were things. Says they didn’t find blood, but says everything was bathed in bleach and bleach destroys blood. Found in the freezer portions of a Ruger handgun in a plastic container labeled “Chad’s veg soup” in the back of the freezer. Says when he opened the container, it smelled of bleach. Also located a dark-handled knife, and some pocket saws that were similiar to the one found at RJR. Says investigators, and through experience, always look in freezers because people tend to hide things in their freezers.

Photo of gun pieces found in the refridgerator’s top freezer at Chad Isaak’s home during the April 4 search

Rummel says bleach destroys blood evidence and says bleach was evident throughout the house. Found it odd that the portions of the handgun found in the freezer were bleached. Says people normally don’t bleach their handguns.

Rummel says the Ruger revolver holds up to 8 bullets if you have a particular cylinder, and it holds the shell casings. The gun barrel and cylinder were missing. Crime testing on bullets can be traced back to a particular barrel, so he felt it was significant that the barrel was missing.

3:41 p.m.: The trial resumes.

3:40 p.m.: Judge David Reich calls for a one-minute stretch break.

3:38 p.m.: Re-cross-examination by defense attorney Bruce Quick. Smith didn’t include the smell of bleach in his report because he couldn’t seize the smell for evidence. Also didn’t write down he found some sticky notes as “odd.”

3:37 p.m.: Re-direct by prosecuting attorney Karlei Neufeld. Says he observed a knife in the washing machine. He did not retrieve it because he was called to Chad Isaak’s business to help with that search. He told Matt Hiatt about what he saw in the washing machine.

3:32 p.m.: Cross-examination by defense attorney Bruce Quick. Smith discusses his cybercrime expertise with Quick. Smith says lint from the dryer was also collected as potential evidence. Says helped search Chad Isaak’s office where a computer was seized for evidence.

3:04 p.m.: Witness called — Jesse Smith, Bureau of Criminal Investigation special agent. Direct examination by prosecuting attorney Karlie Neufeld. Based in Fargo. Details his experience and training. Does computer forensics and works in cybercrimes.

Witness Jesse Smith

He extracted information from cellphones and assisted in a search warrant. Nothing significant came from the cellphone searches. Assisted in executing a search warrant on Chad Isaak’s residence. Wanted to assist based on his cybercrime and forensics experience. Saw the RJR video of the suspect in the April 1, 2019 killings. During the search, he extracted information from a cellphone found in the residence. Nothing significant came from that search. Smith testifies he noticed a strong odor of bleach in the house.

Searched the entryway of the trailer where the washer and dryer were located. Smith says he found items in the dryer and some towels in the washing machine. When he opened the dryer, he saw a blaze orange hoodie with pockets, similar to the one worn by the suspect on video surveillance.

Photo of blaze orange jacket and black pants found in the dryer at Chad Isaak’s residence during April 4 search

Other items found in the dryer were an orange black jacket, black pullover, two black jackets, black pants, reversible face mask, black shoes and socks. Says the fleece reversible face mask is designed with camouflage print on one side and blaze orange on the other and can be worn with either side showing. Says the mask appeared to be similar to the face masks seen in the surveillance videos from April 1, 2019.

Reversible face mask found in the dryer at Chad Isaak’s home
Shoes found in the dryer at Chad Isaak’s home during April 4 search

Smith says the suspect, in the surveillance videos, was wearing a camouflage mask and in others a blaze orange mask. Says the reversible face mask found in the dryer on both sides appeared to match the ones worn by the suspect in surveillance videos. Also found black shoes in the dryer that appeared similar to the ones the suspect was wearing in the April 1 surveillance videos.

While searching Chad Isaak’s home, says he read some of the sticky notes and that they seemed “odd” to him. Also saw socks and gloves hanging and drying throughout the home.

3:03 p.m.: The Chad Isaak trial resumes, Judge David Reich presiding.

2:40 p.m.: Judge David Reich calls an afternoon recess. The trial will resume at 3:00 p.m.

2:32 p.m.: Re-direct by prosecuting attorney Karlei Neufeld. Hiatt says he helped canvas areas behind businesses in Mandan near RJR because the videos might have suggested there might be evidence there. Nothing was found. Hiatt’s other interviews with RJR employees did not result in any additional evidence. Says, despite the number of people involved in the search, he followed standard protocol and that it wasn’t difficult to move around the trailer. Says the disorganization of the home did not affect his ability to conduct a search of the home. Says a white t-shirt seen in a photo of one room did not match the orange hoodie authorities were looking for. Orange clothing that matched what they were looking for was collected. Says the location of the sticky note near a Bible didn’t invalidate the interest he had in the note. The second search was conducted a few days after the first search. The Mandan Police Department had requested a second search warrant to look for remnants of firearms, ammunition and other items. Nothing was found during the second search. Says all the clients Chad Isaak saw on April 1, 2019, were all in the afternoon. Says he was informed he had an appointment and couldn’t make the morning appointments on April 1, 2019.

2:12 p.m.: Trial resumes. Cross-examination of Matt Hiatt by defense attorney Bruce Quick. Hiatt interviewed potential witnesses in Mandan on April 3 related to the killings. Also canvassed for evidence — tire tracks, footprints and such — in Mandan with about 5 other agents. On April 4, interviewed other potential witnesses. Says he and others secured the Chad Isaak residence at 4:30 p.m. Says he assisted in the execution of the search warrant. Reviewing the sticky notes, Hiatt recalled from memory a sticky note about fighting only the battles you can win. Defense attorney Bruce Quick has Hiatt read the full note, “You are not the Caped Crusader for justice. Only fight those battles the Lord tells you to.” The other notes, “This is the time of year when you do stupid things,” was on a board next to an open Bible. Hiatt acknowledges several knives were seized at Isaak’s home. Hiatt was involved in a second search of Isaak’s home on April 9 or 10 using special sniffing dogs. That search was looking for guns and ammunition. Says nothing was seized in that search.

2:11 p.m.: Judge David Reich calls for a one-minute stretch break.

1:21 p.m.: Witness called — Matt Hiatt, Bureau of Criminal Investigation special agent. Direct examination by prosecuting attorney Karlei Neufeld. Reviews his training and experience in law enforcement. He is assigned to the BCI Washburn field office.

Witness Matt Hiatt

Hiatt says he was assigned to interview RJR employees on April 3, 2019. He says nothing came of those interviews. Was contacted by Krohmer who said he knew of a vehicle in Washburn that closely matched the vehicle shown in the ‘Be On The Lookout’ bulletins. He passed that information to special agent Joe Arenz. On April 4, he helped secure the perimeter around Chad Isaak’s residence in Northview Estates in Washburn. His task was to prevent anyone from getting inside the trailer home to maintain scene integrity. Says no one went inside when he was there and he was there for four hours.

Hiatt says when a search warrant is executed, an evidence custodian is named. An evidence custodian documents all the items found, writes down pertinent information, seals the evidence and establishes a chain of custody for that evidence. Says photos are also taken of the scene to show how it looked at the time and to document what was collected.

A search of the residence took place on April 4, 2019, around 8:30 p.m. Says investigators typically look for items spelled out in the search warrant.

During the execution of the search warrant on Chad Isaak’s residence, Hiatt’s job was to secure the scene to allow only law enforcement access to and from the residence, and take photos.

Says the first thing he observed during the search was the single wide mobile home and two sheds. Said the trailer had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There were two entrances to the trailer. Once Hiatt walked into the trailer, there was a mudroom with a washer and dryer and a doorway leading into the living room. Says the living room appeared to have been used for storage. In the kitchen, numerous yellow sticky notes were seen all over the house. About 30 to 50. Some notes were motivational messages. One said, roughly, “You’re not the Caped Crusader. Only fight the battles you can win.” Another note read, “This is the time of the year when you do stupid things.”

Another bedroom was used for storage, filled with many bins. In the hallway bathroom, a bottle of bleach was found on the floor of the shower and the room had the smell of bleach. In the bathroom sink was a wristwatch, which had a strong odor of bleach. The bathroom did not appear to be used regularly.

Photo of the hallway bathroom taken during the search of Chad Isaak’s home April 4, 2019

Haitt says the master bedroom and bathroom appears to have been the bedroom and bathroom used by Chad Isaak.

The search took about two and a half hours. Haitt searched the washing machine. Says investigators were lookng for items listed in the search warrant. Says he found a knife inside the washing machine tub at the bottom under some wet clothes. Noticed the folding knife was large, about 14 inches long unfolded. That told Haitt the knife had gone through a wash cycle. Says the tip of the knife was bent over.

Photo of the knife recovered from the washing machine at Chad Isaak’s home during a search on April 4.

Haitt took photos of a few sportsman’s pocket saws or wire saws found in the trailer in a plastic bag in the kitchen.

Haitt conducted interviews with clients of Chad Isaak to gather follow-up information. A calendar was in the trailer. Haitt noticed that Isaak had appointments listed for April 1, 2019, the day of the RJR killings. The interviews stood out for him because the individuals had their appointments moved from April 1, 2019 to other times or dates. Says Isaak saw clients on the afternoon on April 1. And an appointment scheduled for the morning was moved to later in the afternoon of April 1, 2019.

1:20 p.m.: The trial of Chad Isaak resumes, Judge David Reich presiding. Handling trial housekeeping issues. Handing a decision on the admission of certain evidence.

11:54 a.m.: Judge David Reich declares a noon recess. The trial will resume at 1:15 p.m.

11:51 a.m.: Re-direct by prosecuting attorney Austin Gunderson. Arenz says they had no reason to believe Lisa Nelson was involved in the killings. Says law enforcement had no reason to believe there was more than one suspect they were looking for or that there was more than one vehicle. Arenz says they weren’t searching at the time Isaak’s hat and shoes were removed from the interview room. Doesn’t remember specifically why those items were removed. Arenz says when he was taking photos, Isaak asked him if Arenz wanted him to smile. Arenz said, “I don’t care what you do.” Says that’s why Isaak is seen smiling in one of the photos Arenz took of Isaak during the search of Isaak.

11:39 a.m.: Cross-examination of Arenz by defense attorney Bruce Quick. Arenz says Agents interviewed Lisa Nelson. Collected items had been sent to labs for testing. Arenz acknowledges he knew of the relationship between Lisa Nelson and Robert Fakler on April 4, and that he went to Washburn for the high-risk felony traffic stop and later arrest of Isaak. he was also on hand for the searches of Isaak, his truck, his home and business. Says Isaak was detained and taken to the Washburn law enforcement center and, about three hours later, was formally arrested.

Defense team. From left to right: Bruce Quick, Jesse Walstad, Luke Heck and defendant Chad Isaak
Prosecution team. Left to right: Austin Gunderson, Gabrielle Joy Goter, Karlie Neufeld and BCI agent Joe Arenz

Quick questions the timeline for seized items and the issuance of the search warrants. Arenz acknowledges Isaak was searched in the interview room at 4:12 p.m. and searched again at 4:23 p.m. His shoes and hat were taken even though the first search warrant did not specifically allow the seizure of clothing. The shoe fiber was discovered outside the presence of Chad Isaak. The second search warrant arrives at 6:32 p.m. which allows agents to seize additional clothing. Most of that clothing was not sent in for testing because Arenz says he didn’t believe they had any “evidentiary value.”

Says there was white paint on Isaak’s clothing and hands in the photos of Isaak taken on April 4. Arenz says Isaak told him the scratch was from the dog and the bruising on his knees were from falling on the ice. Arenz says he didn’t believe the suspect was wearing the same clothes three days later, one reason why he didn’t have the dark clothing tested.

10:53 a.m.: Witness recalled — Joe Arenz, Bureau of Criminal Investigation special agent. Previously tstified on August 6 and August 9. Direct examination by prosecuting attorney Austin Gunderson. Arenz says, based on the video surveillance, law enforcement had only one suspect and one suspect vehicle they were tracking. Says law enforcement tracked the suspect vehicle up to Center, ND.

Witness Joe Arenz

Says ‘Be On The Lookout’ (BOLO) bulletins sent out on April 2 and April 3, 2019. Says defining characteristics on suspect vehicle shown in BOLOs were rust in the driver’s side rear wheel well and dirt or mud on the from passenger side bumper.

Says on April 3, Krohmer called, advising that the vehicle looked familiar and could have been Chad Isaak’s vehicle. On April 4, 2019, received photos taken by Krohmer that morning. After reviewing the photos, says he believed it was the same vehicle.

Arenz says he sent BCI agents to meet with the McLean County Sheriff’s Office on April 4 to assist.

Says law enforcement continued interviews of others in the case after Chad Isaak was detained.

Says he went to Washburn on April 4 to assist in the detention of Chad Isaak. Briefly spoke with Chad Isaak, introducing himself and asking if Isaak had a cellphone. At that point, Arenz began delegating assignments to agents for processing Isaak’s pickup and arrangements for towing the vehicle to the sheriff’s department.

Applied for four search warrants to search Isaak himself, his chiropractic clinic, his residence and his pickup. Was looking for handgun, ammunition, knives, wire saws, dark-colored clothing, dark-colored gloves, orange jacket, orange mask, camouflage mask, blood evidence, computers, cellphones, any mapping tools that might show planning, any surveillance equipment. Looking for the clothing the suspect wore inside and outside RJR on April 1, 2019. Looking for all these items in his home, his truck and his chiropractic business.

A search of Isaak’s person would include photos of him in his clothes, as the layers of his clothes are removed, DNA samples, fingerprints and more. Says found an orange fiber in his shoe and that fiber was removed for processing and analysis. Also collected an orange fiber on a maroon shirt he was wearing. Says they also collected the clothing Isaak was wearing at the time of his detainment.

Photos of Chad Isaak taken by investigators on April 4 during a search of Isaak

Prosecuting attorney Austin Gunderson is introducing the clothing collected from Chad Isaak at the time he was detained on April 4: Sweater, undershirt, shoes, socks, hat.

Arenz says they also took DNA swabs and fingernail clippings and fingerprints from Chad Isaak.

After searching Isaak and collecting fiber evidence and his clothing, Isaak was placed under arrest.

While Arenz was processing Isaak, other agents were executing a search wants on Isaak’s pickup, residence and chiropractic business.

10:42 a.m.: Re-cross-examination by defense attorney Walstad. Walstad is introducing into evidence body camera footage from Copeland at the time of Isaak’s traffic stop. Says a “look of amazement” he saw in Chad Isaak was not seen on the body cam footage.

Image from bodycam worn by Copeland during the Isaak traffic stop on April 4

10:39 a.m.: Re-direct examination by prosecuting attorney Austin Gunderson. Copeland says what he felt was an odd response by Isaak was based on how people have reacted when they are arrested. He says people have a lot of questions when they’re arrested under less tactical circumstances. He says he would expect more questions given the show of force in the Isaak arrest.

10:33 a.m.: Testimony resumes with cross-examination by defense attorney Jesse Walstad. Copeland says was wearing a bulletproof vest, an M4 rifle while in the armored vehicle on April 4 during the traffic stop of Chad Isaak. Says he heard Isaak ask that his dog be taken to the neighbors because they had keys to his house.

Copeland says over 20 officers on the scene, helicopter in the air. If Isaak resisted or fled, he would have been detained by authorities. Says it is likely someone facing all the law personnel would be scared and might behave strangely. Says he has been involved in one tactical response like this — and it was this instance. Says he has been involved in about 45 arrests, but those were all general stops and not stops involving a tactical response.

Says “beating up the house” is slang for executing a search warrant. Says he had made such a statement.

10:31 a.m.: There is a lengthy conference with the judge by the defense and prosecution regarding the direction of testimony by the witness.

10:22 a.m.: Witness called — Raymond Copeland, McLean County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Direct examination by prosecuting attorney Austin Gunderson. Copeland outlines his training and experience in law enforcement.

Witness Raymond Copeland

Assisted in the apprehension of Chad Isaak on April 4 in Washburn. He was in the armored vehicle used during the traffic stop of Isaak. Says when got to the scene, Isaak had already been detained and was on the ground being handcuffed. Saw two deputies approach Isaak’s car with guns drawn to make sure there were no other people in Isaak’s vehicle. Says he felt it was odd, given the show of force, that he was nonchalant and candid over the entire situation. Says it was odd he didn’t ask why he was being detained and why he was surrounded by multiple deputies. Says those feelings are based on his experience during arrests in his career. Says he’s never seen similar nonchalant behavior in arrests he’s seen or been part of in his career.

Copeland says he was later in charge of interview room security. Says Isaak was nonchalant and candid during that period.

10:21 a.m.: The trial of Chad Isaak has resumed, Judge David Reich presiding.

9:57 a.m.: Judge David Reich calls a morning recess. The trial will resume at 10:20 a.m.

9:56 a.m.: Re-cross-examination by defense attorney Jesse Walstad. Matties acknowledges with respect to the multiple alternate routes to Chad Isaak’s home in Northview Estates that there are several businesses and organizations along those routes and that law enforcement did not request copies of surveillance videos from those places.

9:55 a.m.: Re-direct by Austin Gunderson. Matties says there are many ways to get to Chad Isaak’s residence in Northview Estates.

9:52 a.m.: Cross-examination by defense attorney Jesse Walstad. Matties says he and Krohmer drove from River Ag to Isaak’s residence at Northview Estates. Says drove Highway 200 to Sterling Road directly into Northview Estates. Says it takes less than 5 minutes to drive that route from River Ag to Chad Isaak’s residence. Says Isaak didn’t hide, close the shades or make any sudden movements when he was watching Maddies and Kromberg on scene taking photos of Isaak’s truck.

9:36 a.m.: Witness called — Aaron Matties, McLean County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Highlights training and experience in law enforcement.

Witness Aaron Matties

Matties says asked on April 4 to get camera footage from River Ag in Washburn. Went with Krohmer to Chad Isaak’s home to obtain photos of Isaak’s vehicle. This was about 9:45 a.m., on April 4. Krohmer took the photos. At one point, Krohmer stepped back and moved away from the scene. That action indicated to him something wasn’t right. Krohmer motioned to him that things were OK. testifies he saw Chad Isaak looking out his home window at him and Krohmer.

When the two returned to the office, they compared the photos taken at the trailer court and the images in the ‘Be On The Lookout’ (BOLO) bulletins. He noticed the similarity in the rust spots, mud spots, logo decal, tire rims. He concluded the images of the vehicle in the BOLO bulletins and the photos they took that morning of April 4 of Chad Isaak’s vehicle were all of the same vehicle.

From 10:15 a.m. April 4 until 11:30 p.m. April 4, officers were at Chad Isaak’s location to preserve the scene for investigators.

9:35 a.m.: Re-cross-examination by defense attorney Jesse Walstad. Walstad says Krohmer had a chance to get a variety of videos from other businesses and businesses along the multiple paths of entry into the trailer park but did not do so. Krohmer says yes.

9:27 a.m.: The trial resumes with re-direct examination by prosecuting attorney Austin Gunderson. Krohmer says there are multiple routes to get to Chad Isaak’s home from River Ag. Says Unistop Superpumper surveillance camera would likely show the turn into the trailer park. Says there are other ways to get into the trailer park from River Age without going by the Unistop. There are also ways into the trailer park in general without going from the Unistop.

Says the use of force at the traffic stop was necessary because, in part, the severity of the quadruple homicide and not knowing the suspect’s state of mind. Says the smirk was something that stood out and stayed in his mind. Says he did not enter the height and weight of Isaak into his arrest report. He personally did not know the height and weight of Chad Isaak.

9:26 a.m.: Judge David Reich calls for a one-minute stretch break.

9:02 a.m.: Cross-examination of Krohmer by defense attorney Jesse Walstad. Krohmer requested surveillance video from River Ag on April 3. Says he was told he could pick up the video on the morning of April 4. Left River Ag at 9:35 a.m. and the photos of Isaak’s vehicle were taken at 9:45 a.m.

Walstad asks Krohmer to draw on a map the most logical route from River Ag to Chad Isaak’s home in the trailer court.

Krohmer says Isaak didn’t hide or close the blinds or do anything reflexive when he saw Isaak watching him from the window.

Says he had seen Chad Isaak as a patient three times.

Krohmer says Chad Isaak’s walk was fast-paced. Walstad suggests he was walking in a manner similar to an exercise walk. Says when he viewed the RJR video, the decision had already been made to make the traffic stop.

Krohmer acknowledges numerous officers, several marked police vehicles, an armored vehicle and a helicopter were all involved in the traffic stop. Krohmer said it was a show of force. Says commanded Isaak to get out of the vehicle, get down on his knees, lay down on the pavement and then he was handcuffed. Says at no point in the process did he resist. Says Isaak’s dog was also in the truck and the dog got out when Isaak got out. Krohmer says he talked to Isaak and Isaak specifically mentioned taking the dog to his neighbors. Says about 25 people were ultimately involved in the stop.

In Krohmer’s later arrest report for Isaak, it states Isaak was 76 inches in height and weight at 220 pounds.

On April 8, Krohmer requested surveillance video from the Unistop Superpumper station for April 1, 2019, 8:50 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. Says he reviewed the video for the pickup truck but did not observe one in the video he reviewed. Says he did not request videos from several other businesses in Washburn for April 1, 2019, or video from the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center showing Highway 83 on April 1, 2019.

Says he did not put the “smirk” observation into his report. Says it wasn’t put in his report because he probably forgot about it or was too busy.

8:36 a.m.: Witness recalled – Justin Krohmer, McLean County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant. Direct examination by prosecuting attorney Austin Gunderson. Testifies on the morning of April 4 around 9:45 a.m., he and another deputy went to Chad Isaak’s trailer in Northview Estates in Washburn to take photos of Isaak’s white Ford pickup. Says he noticed Chad Isaak watching him from his home window.

Witness Justin Krohmer

Krohmer went to Isaak for chiropractic services in the past. Says Isaak knew he was in law enforcement.

After getting the photos, they went back to the law enforcement center in Washburn to compare the photos with the ones on the second ‘Be On The Lookout’ bulletin received on April 2.

Photos taken of Chad Isaak’s truck at his trailer home in Washburn on April 4
Photo of the suspect vehicle from video (top) and a photo of Chad Isaak’s truck at his trailer home in Washburn on April 4

Says he found similarities between the photos he took and those in the BOLO message: The rust in the rear wheel well, same make and model, logo sticker in the rear, the tire rims, the dirt spot or smear on the front right bumper.

Asked a sheriff’s deputy to begin surveillance of Isaak. He says he alerted his superiors of what he found. He also contacted BCI agents about what he found. Says BCI, Mandan Police and other agencies told him they were on their way to Washburn.

Says he knew Isaak had appointments that afternoon of April 4 so law enforcement decided to let Isaak travel to work and initiate a traffic stop of Isaak at that time.

Says he reviewed a video of the suspect in RJR on April 1, 2019. Says the similarities between the person in the view and the walk of Chad Isaak were the same. Says he’s seen Isaak walk on Main Avenue near his business in Washburn and walk his dog near his house. Says Isaak has a very distinct walk — wide strides with wide arm swings up and down, like a cross-country skier. Says he walks fast. He’s seen him walk many times in Washburn. Says he saw Chad perhaps once a week. Says he’s seen him out walking “maybe 50, 60 times.” Testifies he thought the walk of the suspect in RJR was the same as that of Chad Isaac.

Isaak was stopped driving in his pickup around 3:45 p.m. on April 4 in Washburn. Says about 6-8 law enforcement personnel were involved in the traffic stop. Says he and others noticed what he called “a slight smirk to us” as he was ordered to lay down on the ground. Says that’s not a normal response when someone is asked to lay on the ground during an arrest.

Says after he told Isaak he was being detained for questioning, Isaak asked if they could make sure that his dog was taken care of.

Says Isaak was put in the back seat of a patrol car and transported to the McLean County Sheriff’s Office.

8:33 a.m.: The Chad Isaak trial has resumed, Judge David Reich presiding. The court is going over trial housekeeping issues.

Judge David Reich

8:00 a.m.: Day 7 of testimony in the Chad Isaak trial, Day 9 in the trial overall, is expected to start at 8:30 a.m. The trial started Monday, August 2. Jury selection took two days. Testimony began August 4.

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Aug. 9, 2019: Accused murderer Chad Isaak pleads Not Guilty

Jun. 10, 2019: Police look to Facebook, bank records in Mandan murders

Jun 6, 2019: McLean County Sheriff’s Dept. was Key in Solving Mandan Murders

May 9, 2019: Hearing Moved 3 Months in Mandan Quadruple Homicide Case

Apr. 19, 2019: RJR seeks normalcy in wake of 4 killings

Apr. 17, 2019: Co-owner of business where 4 slain says she has no clue why

Apr. 12, 2019: Mandan homicide suspect to appear in court in May

Apr. 7, 2019: Local business increases safety measures after RJR Murders

Apr. 6, 2019: Tonight, We Remember the Victims

Apr. 5, 2019: Continuing Coverage: First court appearance for Chad Isaak

Apr. 5, 2019: Official Charges Filed Against Mandan Murder Suspect

Apr. 5, 2019: Mandan Police announce suspect arrest in Thursday night Press Conference

Apr. 5, 2019: McLean County Sheriff’s Office helps identify suspects vehicle

Apr. 5, 2019: Washburn woman says she used murder suspect as her chiropractor for years

Apr. 5, 2019: Washburn resident reacts to murder suspect living in the community

Apr. 5, 2019: Washburn Residents Share What Little They Know of Chad Isaak

Apr. 5, 2019: Local Business Hold Fundraiser for Families of Quadruple Homicide Victims

Apr. 5, 2019: Mandan Police release statement following Chad Isaak arrest

Apr. 5, 2019: Washburn man arrested for 4 counts of AA felony murder

Apr. 5, 2019: Timeline: Mandan Quadruple Murder Investigation

Apr. 4, 2019: The Anguish of Loss: Cobb Daughters Speak Out

Apr. 4, 2019: What We Know and Don’t Know About the Mandan Mass Murder

Apr. 3, 2019: Mandan Police search field near Memorial Highway

Apr. 3, 2019: Investigation continues into the quadruple homicide in Mandan

Apr. 3, 2019: Residents speak out on the quadruple homicide in Mandan

Apr. 3, 2019: Quadruple Homicide Victims Identified, Still No Suspects in Custody

Apr. 2, 2019: Mandan Police update investigation into quadruple homicide

Apr. 1, 2019: The latest on the investigation into bodies found in Mandan Monday morning

Apr. 1, 2019: Mandan Police investigating bodies found


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