The trial against Chad Isaak for murdering four people is set to start in just over two weeks. Chad Isaak is accused of killing four people at RJR Maintenance and Management on the morning of April 1st, 2019.

A pre-trial conference today hammered out a number of details ahead of the August 2nd trial, jury selection and location were two important topics. The trial will be held at the Morton County Courthouse. At one point moving the trial to the state House chambers was planned for COVID social distancing, but today Judge David Reich said the trial will proceed in Mandan.

A previous defense motion to move the trial out of Morton County for publicity reasons was denied in the case.

Seating a jury is expected to be difficult as both sides have discussed a large amount of attention on the case in the past two years. Jury selection is expected to take two days for the 12 person jury with 2 alternates.

The trial is scheduled to last three weeks, and no final witness list has been released. The expectations are for up to 150 witnesses to be called.

Chad Isaak will be allowed to wear civilian clothes during the trial with no visible restraints. The trial starts August 2nd.