The question of who will defend Chad Isaak in his quadruple homicide case remains a point of contention, but Judge David Reich, for now, has denied a request by Vogel Law Firm to withdraw as counsel.

The trial has also been moved.

Isaak’s trial was scheduled for June 7. Judge Reich ruled on Tuesday that the trial will be continued and will now start Aug. 2.

The case has had considerable upheaval in the last two weeks.

Last week, Reich allowed the withdrawal of Isaak’s defense attorney Robert Quick. A disciplinary complaint filed by Isaak against Quick was behind the conflict of interest decision.

Isaak is accused of killing four employees of RJR maintenance and Management on April 1 of 2019. More than two years later, the trial still has yet to happen.

Now, secondary counsel in the case, Fargo’s Vogel Law Firm, say they are seeking to withdraw as defense counsel.

Vogel Law Firm requests to withdraw as counsel on May 10, 2021

In court documents filed Monday, they say they have no contractual relationship with Isaak, and defending him would result in an “unreasonable financial burden.”

The three lawyers from Vogel Law Firm have considered themselves secondary counsel in the case and say they were just hired to help. They say they have not been involved in significant trial preparation and if they were to defend Isaak they would need extra time to prepare.

Judge Reich said “the Court is unpersuaded and unsympathetic” to Vogel’s arguments. Reich stated that all four attorneys have appeared on behalf of Isaak at some point over the last two years.

Reich said “the Vogel attorneys appear to have created that burden for themselves” when discussing whether or not the lawyers will be paid, and that is an insufficient argument for withdrawal.

The judge also had hard words in the case on continuance of trial. He did grant a 60-continuance, however said “the parties are all on notice: there will be no further continuances in this matter due to issues of counsel.”

Vogel asked for a 60-day continuance, which Reich has now granted. The trial is scheduled for Aug. 2-20.