DC’s Sensory Center is the first center in Bismarck designed especially for children with sensory processing issues. Sara Christinson created the gym with her 12 year old son Dane. Dane is Autistic but grandma Bonnie said he’s just like any other kid

“We didn’t find out Dane-her son- was autistic until he was two because he wasn’t talking and so through the years, we’ve all had to learn to deal with autism.”

Children are continuously learning and growing– so being familiar with how the 5 senses: touch,
sight, see, smell, and taste–work, is vital. The focus of the center is to stimulate these senses. “Dane is a sensory seeker so when he can get the feeling of the motion or if he can look at something go around and round.”

Sensory play can:

  1. Build nerve connections
  2. Develop language skills
  3. Stimulate cognitive growth
  4. Enhance memory
  5. Grow motor skills
  6. Problem solving skills

The kid’s gym was built to be a safe-comfortable place for all children whether they have
sensory difficulties or not, “When they behave differently from a neurotypical child would–you have a tendency for people to stare at them, stare at you, like why is he behaving that way? And I guess my goal is just to have a place where parents can bring their kids and they’ll feel safe.”

The gym includes a foam pit, Rock climbing walls, a zip line area, and more so it’s a fun place for all kids.

Grandma said dealing with Dane is different from dealing with other children. “We’ve had to learn a whole different thought process for dealing with our grandson and he is so smart. He is so intelligent, they just think differently than you and I do

The gym is for children all ages and is also open on the weekends. For hours and more info click, here.