MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — For more than 70 years, Pride Dairy has been serving up irresistible scoops of ice cream all across North Dakota. Now, the number one ice cream brand in North Dakota (as voted by USA Today) wants to churn their flavors nationally, with their new brand called Oh! Ice Cream.

This new addition will still fall under the Pride Dairy umbrella. This new sub-brand of ice cream is the cherry on top of the company’s already popular creamy treats, and will be made alongside their regular ice cream here in North Dakota.

Pride Dairy leaders say they hope the new brand will spark a sentimental cord with people, from all over the country. The new flavors and packaging are meant to bring the nostalgia of a vintage ice cream parlor. Some of the new flavors include Choke Cherry, Butter Brickle, Maple Nut, and June Berry. The experts have also created a stroopwafel ice cream sandwich with the new flavors.

The new brand is already being sold across ND at Pride Dairly locations, as well as throughout the rest of the region. Later in the week, we will be sitting down with the Owner of Pride Dairy to learn more about their newest business venture.