A group of concerned citizens is calling for a state audit of the Williston School Board.

The group is collecting at least 800 signatures of citizens in order to petition the state auditor to look into the school board’s finances.

The group will be meeting other Williston residents at the public library where they will provide education on the concerns and collect some signatures.

Previous discrepancies had been identified regarding the use of funds for the creation of District 7, but now constituents say questions surrounding that and other concerns need to be properly addressed.

“At one of the general meetings in November, it was mentioned that the audit firm that was conducting audits for district one say they did not always receive all the information or they had a difficult time with management,” said Dawn Hollingsworth, who is a member of the group and a Williston resident. “So is this a concern that we need to look further back years ago?”

The group says updates on the creation of the districts are long overdue but have not been forthcoming.

They say they can no longer trust the current administration and that’s why they want an external audit.

“When they don’t provide, you know what has been spent what has come in, what is in the bank, I mean no numbers at all and we just keep hearing we’ll get you that, we’ll get you that and I’m sure the board is frustrated too but especially as citizens, constituents in the community; this is our money, we want to know what’s going on,” Hollingsworth lamented.

The school board has come under intense scrutiny since the controversial suspension and subsequent resignation of the district superintendent.