A man convicted of killing his father, mother, sister and brother in 1992 was back in court Tuesday afternoon seeking a reduction in his sentence.

Michael Neugebauer was a teenager when he was convicted of the killings.

In district court, Neguerbauer took the stand and recounted the events that took place in his house and what he did following the killings.

After his testimony, both the attorney for Neugebauer and for the state presented psychologists who had performed evaluations on Neugebauer.

The psychologist for Neugebauer told the court that he used a number of different clinical assessment tests and believes Neugebauer suffered from PTSD and anxiety.

He said he believes Neugebauer has matured since he was 15 and would not likely re-offend.

The state’s psychologist disagreed, saying although Neugebauer does not suffer from PTSD, he did say he suffers from anxiety.

But in the end, both experts agreed, in principle, that he will likely not re-offend if released.

The judge instructed both sides to provide briefs. Those briefs are due back in two weeks, on April 5 by 5 p.m.