Bismarck Public Works Crews are doing their best clearing and cleaning up roads covered in snow but lately, that’s been coming with a pretty hefty cost.

The department requests funds from the city commission to cover anything from pothole patches to snow removal to making signs.

Over the years, the department has seen an increase in the cost of parts, sanding, beet juice and anything else used in their overall operations.

Last month, the department spent more than $350,000.

The budget for this year is estimated to be around $7 million, but when the weather takes an unexpected turn, it could cause the department to overspend what they had initially asked for.

“The money you request from the city commission for our budget is needed to provide the service that we provide to the city of Bismarck. It’s just like anything else; something costs more you got to ask for more money to cover that cost,” Crew Leader Chad Schiermeister said.

In 2016, the department went over budget from several snowstorms and when that’s the case the general fund is then used to help cover the costs, Schiermeister says.