Food pantries are feeling the pinch from supply chain issues and inflation costs.

One example is The Lord’s Cupboard in Minot, which serves 1,200 families a month.

Back in November, they noticed an increased need and added a fourth-day pick-up option for families.

They thought it would just be temporary but after six weeks, they discovered about 50 additional families actually utilized that extra day.

The Lord’s Cupboard relies on volunteers and donations to keep its doors open and fewer food drives tend to happen after the holidays.

Between that and rising inflation costs over the past six months, the food pantry could use a boost.

“Our monthly food cost right now is on average about $5,500 a month,” Executive Board Member Connie Wilson said.

She said that’s more than triple what the costs once were.

The produce garden helps a lot in the summer, but during the colder months, that produce is expensive.

If you are able to donate food or money, visit their Facebook page.