Hundreds of customers have yet to claim their cash from Verendrye Electric Cooperative.

All customers are members of the co-op making them eligible for a share of the profit. Profits are then shared depending on a customer’s electricity costs for a given year.

The unclaimed capital credit list goes as far back as 2016 and Verendrye is publishing the list in an attempt to reach those customers.

“We’ve been doing record amounts because we’re good financial shape so we retire them to the membership. But some of the members move and they move on to different places and we don’t get their forwarding address so when we don’t get their forwarding address, there’s a state law that we follow to try and find these members to get them their capital credit check,” said General Manager Randy Hauck.

Credits lower than $10 are not distributed until they hit that mark and if they are not claimed after six years they will be reinvested into the co-operative.