A North Dakota couple who found themselves without wedding photos after Glasser Images’ abrupt 2021 closure was finally able to get their precious memories — thanks to Dr. Phil and ShootProof.

Brianne and Bryce, of Grand Forks, appeared on Monday’s Dr. Phil episode to air concerns that a quarter of their wedding budget that went to photography is gone forever — and they have nothing to show for it.

The couple was married in July 2021 after securing Glasser Images as their wedding photographer. They say Glasser Images told them no other pictures were allowed, meaning cell phones were to be kept away. After learning of the business’ closure in October 2021 through a friend who sent Brianne a screenshot of a news story, the couple was devasted because not only did they miss out on professional photos, they didn’t have any cell phone photos either.

“We can’t redo that day. These are our memories that are stolen from us,” Brianne told Dr. Phil.

That’s when Dr. Phil surprised them.

He enlisted the help of Rachel LaCour Neisen, the chief product officer at ShootProof, who was able to get the couples’ wedding photos.

The pair was in tears as Dr. Phil handed them photo books filled with their wedding day memories.

Jack Glasser, the owner of Glasser Images, issued a statement to Dr. Phil, saying:

“We are so grateful to Dr. Phil and ShootProof for stepping in and facilitating the delivery of [Bryce and Brianne’s] wedding photos. As of today, ShootProof has been able to deliver photographs to more than 30 percent of customers who initially couldn’t receive their memories. We understand we still have more work to do, and we remain thankful to all of our customers for their incredible patience.”

In the latest update from May 3 concerning Glasser Images‘ closure, North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley filed a lawsuit against the business and Jack for allegedly defrauding consumers and subcontractors in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Colorado.

The Attorney General’s Office began the investigation in October 2021.

Wrigley confirmed that the Consumer Protection Division conducted an extensive investigation and found “substantial evidence” supporting the allegations in the complaint. Investigators gathered financial and accounting records, internal and external communications, and testimony from approximately 20 witnesses.

The attorney general’s lawsuit seeks to ban Glasser from providing future photography services, restitution for consumers and subcontractors, and appropriate civil penalties.