Cramer says Trump ‘knows that his role in politics is in the Republican Party’

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How much control does former President Donald Trump have over the Republican Party? One of North Dakota’s senators believes quite a bit.

In a recent article, Politico interviewed several Republican senators after learning of insults used by Trump, describing Sen. Mitch McConnell at a recent Republican donor event a Mar-a-Lago.

The article got the opinions of those senators who agree the party would do better if McConnell and Trump would work together, especially if Trump were re-elected in 2024.

Among those quoted is North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer, who says, “The party cannot be successful without Donald Trump, and Donald Trump cannot be successful without the Republican Party.”

We asked him to elaborate, and Cramer told us Trump created the modern Republican Party that has been very successful, citing his first election win, the change to an “America First” globalism, as well as Republicans on the ballot doing better because Trump was on the ballot.

But it works both ways.

Cramer says the former president knows just how far he’d get if he were to try to start a third party.

“Donald Trump can’t go his own way, create a third party and be successful without the Republican Party either and he readily recognizes that. I had a good conversation with him about two weeks ago. He called me to talk about some good political strategies and it’s very clear he knows that his role in politics is in the Republican Party,” Cramer said.

We also asked Cramer who he would consider the current leader of the party.

He says, though not in a formal role, it’s Trump, saying, “Pretty much every Republican senator up for re-election has gone down to Mar-a-Lago and asked for his endorsement, as have those in open seats.”

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