Fifty-six people have already lost their lives on North Dakota roads this year.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation says 94% of crashes were caused by preventable human behavior including distracted driving, speeding, and not wearing a seatbelt.

Since May 8th, there have been 27 motor vehicle fatalities which the department says could be because of the warmer weather and people going without their best possible protection — their seatbelt.

“A person could never control the other drivers on the road. We hope every driver acts responsibly. And we certainly want that. Encourage that. But a person’s only defense in the event that other drivers aren’t behaving responsibly is a seatbelt,” explained Karin Mongeon, the Safety Division Director for the NDDOT.

The department says these numbers are concerning because there have been 12 more fatalities than this same time, last year.