A Crosby woman dealing with a long list of rare medical conditions could potentially have all of it wiped away.

“Most recently at the Mayo Clinic, they discovered I have a G6 B-B mutation,” Andrea Nygaard said. “It’s a mutation that causes thrombocytopenia, anemia and a secondary form of myelofibrosis — basically I’m in bone marrow failure.”

This isn’t new for Nygaard though. She’s been faced with an extensive rare list of health conditions since birth.

“When I was diagnosed they told me I was the known 50th case in the world,” Nygaard said.

And as far as she knows, that still holds true.

Nygaard says life with her conditions has been limiting.

“I had this disorder that I could possibly bleed to death, so I think the stress was really on my parents,” she said.

She was pushed away from sports and almost anything else that could cause any bodily injury.

She was even told she shouldn’t have kids.

“I have had four births, yeah! Last one was the worst though,” she said.

But despite all of her health conditions and no real way to fix any of them, Nygaard says she still felt somewhat normal.

That was until 2014.

“My red blood cell count started dropping and I started becoming anemic and I wasn’t responding to any type of medication they tried for me,” Nygaard said.

She was met with a scary reality.

“I’m a ticking time bomb. I was waiting on the blood disorder to kill me,” she said.

But she wasn’t out of all options. Doctors gave her the opportunity to receive a bone marrow transplant.

This would allow her to not have to continually get blood transfusions, which she says made her sick in the past.

The only dilemma is that she’d have to move closer to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for the next six months.

“I have five kids at home and the youngest is three and I won’t be able to see them, so leaving is hard. There’s a lot of emotion, but there’s also excitement because there’s a possibility that this could get me with a cure and freedom that I haven’t had,” Nygaard said.

Nygaard says her official transplant is set for May 19.

For more information on how to support Nygaard and her family, click here.