Vaccine storage is something healthcare facilities typically have, but for places like the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, that’s not always a guarantee.

Now, thanks to a grant, they’re able to fulfill their needs with a new vaccine refrigerator.

Children who are checked into the ranch are expected to be vaccinated as they receive care for their mental and emotional needs.

The current fridge at the Minot location is not big or cold enough, so it cannot preserve vaccines for a long time. But that’s about to change now after receiving about $3,700 from oil and gas company Enbridge.

“The fridge that we’re going to get is significantly larger so we’ll be able to store a lot more vaccines and it has a battery back up system so if the power goes out or there is inclement weather those types of things, these vaccines will stay cold for days as opposed to us losing all of our vaccines,” said Director of Nursing Heatthyr Haugeberg.

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch serves children ages 10 to 18 with mental and emotional development needs.