On day two of the trial, the wife of victim Robert Fakler and current owner of RJR, Jackie Fakler took the stand.

Jackie described employees at RJR as a family, and her husband Robert as her soul mate.

After the murder, on April 30, 2019, Jackie found out from investigators that Robert was having an affair with a woman she also knew. She said she did not know about the relationship while he was alive.

Jackie says she and Robert were close with coworkers who were also killed, Bill and Lois Cobb, and even used to go on vacations with them.

Since April 1, 2019, Jackie says she’s taken on much more responsibility at the company, and her life has changed dramatically.

“I work twice as hard, I don’t have a life anymore, I don’t have dreams, I don’t have Robert, so yeah. My life changed. Big time,” Fakler said.

Jackie also elaborated on the company’s growth, noting that by 2019, they had about 30 employees, managed 3,000 units and worked with more than 100 property owners.

She said Robert handled about five or six evictions a month, which were dealt with in court, but he didn’t physically remove anyone.

Jackie also says she didn’t know the defendant Chad Isaak but thought they met once at a tenant meet-and-greet in Washburn.

She says Isaak paid rent early and used to do snow removal at the trailer park, but once RJR began managing it, he stopped. Jackie said she didn’t know why.

Overall though, she said not much stuck out to her about Isaak as a tenant.

“He might have had his paperwork for his dog accommodations. Other than that, I mean it was a pretty normal lease that he had,” Falker said.

Assistant Attorney General Karlei Neufeld asked, “Do you recall what type of dog that he had?”

“I believe it’s a brown, big dog that he had, a very adorable dog,” Fakler said.

Jackie noted that she, her husband, the Cobbs and Adam Fuehrer all regularly carried handguns, either with them or in their vehicle.

Prior to the murders, Jackie said she had no knowledge of any personal threat to her, or any of the victims, including her husband, Adam Fuehrer, or the Cobbs.