Tuesday marks the second day in the trial of a Williston man accused of running over his neighbors and driving away from the scene.

Steven Rademacher is charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder and three counts of terrorizing. This is Rademacher’s second trial after a mistrial in August.

Many witnesses took the stand, with most of them law enforcement who responded at the time of the incident.

“Where did the crash take place on this map?” asked Assistant State’s Attorney Nathan Madden.
“The crash took place right in this area, right here where the sandbox would’ve been,” said Williston Police Officer Jeffrey Olson, while pointing to a map.
“Alright, and where would the vehicle have traveled after that?” said Madden.
“It would’ve had to gone through the alley, through the yard, westbound and into the alley,” replied Olson.

The jury was then shown videos and pictures from that night.

“Where the spotlight is at is kind of the general area where people had congregated, just beyond that. And then you can see the tire impressions go through, up and into the sandbox there and over the top of the sandbox and proceeded back through into alleyway,” said Patrol Cpl. Johnathon Roggenkamp, with the Williams County Sheriff’s Office.

One witness at the scene when the incident happened was inside of the house. He recorded a video of the aftermath.

“Is Mr. [Dyson] Bastian the man laying down on the ground there?” asked Madden.
“Yes,” Tyler Leingang replied.
“And who are the other two people who are kind of closer towards the street who are down on the ground?” said Madden.
“On the ground? Jed [Kallio] and Thomas [Burke],” said Leingang.

Sean Trentman was a Williston police officer at the time of the incident and was present at the scene.

“Whenever we’re on these scenes, whatever does look– appears to be relevant, even if we find out that it may not down the road, we tend to mark as much as we can just so we can preserve the scene. That way we’re actually able to get a good layout of what happened and what was there,” said Highway Patrol Trooper Sean Trentman.

The trial resumes Wednesday morning at 9.