NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota Democratic NPL Chairman Patrick heart joined KX News’ Josh Meny to discuss his party’s positions on some of the most pressing issues in North Dakota politics, leading up to the November general election.

Chairman Hart, thank you so much for being here.

“I appreciate the opportunity,” remarked ND Dem-NPL Chairman Patrick Hart.

Now, Chairman Hart, should Governor Doug Burgum take a stance on the Fufeng project now that Senators Kevin Cramer, and now Senator John Hoeven, have come out against the Chinese corn milling plant just 12 miles away from the Grand Forks Air Force Base?

“Well, I think the time for him to come out has already come and gone regardless of what Hoeven and Cramer do, we’re past that point of no return. This shouldn’t have been allowed. The players that we’re inviting to the table and into North Dakota, are the wrong type of people. Beyond that, I understand that the wet milling process is going to take a lot of resources as far as water and I think that we really need to do research and do an analysis on that before we invite something like that,” explained Hart.

Do you think Attorney General Drew Wrigley should make the spokeswoman for the late and former Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, and former Deputy AG under Stenehjem, Troy Seibel, available to the media? They were employed under his watch when all of this broke open?

“Absolutely. What happened with the Attorney General and deletion of, you know, up to 20 years of emails is absolutely ridiculous. The thing that gets me the most is the amount of discovery that’s potentially in those emails on cases like Susan Bala’s and etc. So I think we really need to get that back. And ultimately, those emails aren’t Wayne Stenehjem’s, and I think that’s where the narrative gets lost in the story. This isn’t Wayne’s personal happy birthday emails. These are items that directly affect legislation and legal situations in North Dakota, and they absolutely need to be returned to the people,” explained Hart.

Do you think that the State Investment Board should be sending our oil tax revenues, via the Legacy Fund, to Wall Street firms that oppose the fossil fuel industry?

“You know, I think if a firm has beliefs, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to invest those dollars with that ideology. There are green investment firms, and I don’t believe that that’s what’s happened in the State Investment Board. What we have seen is what I would call the mismanagement of funding with Callan Enterprises, in the manner that they’re both receiving funds from the state for investment recommendations, and from the companies they’re recommending. So they’re essentially getting a double dip. We’ve seen money invested in Saudi Arabia and Russia and China. And we absolutely have to bring that money back to North Dakota. We can make investments locally that I think will get as big or bigger return on investment, and still keep that money liquid and available when we need it,” said Hart.

Now, former Miss America and Harvard Law grad Cara Mund said that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn the constitutional right to abortion was what prompted her independent bid for U.S. House. Now, doesn’t Mund represent the Democratic Party’s stance on abortion rights?

We’ve endorsed, you know, candidate Mark Haugan and we stand behind him as our endorsed candidate. At the state convention, he won that endorsement hands down, I think it was 98% of the votes. So we’re definitely standing behind him. However, with what happened with Roe vs. Wade, we’ve seen a large swath of people come out particularly in Kansas to support people with those views. And, you know, I am excited that there’s, you know, another candidate in the race. Mark’s definitely ramped up his campaigning, and we’ll just see how she does,” said Hart.

All right, North Dakota Democratic NPL Chairman Patrick Hart, thank you very much for your time.

“Thank you, Josh. Been a pleasure,” said Hart.