As families prepare for the start of the school year, health professionals say it’s important to make sure kids get a nutritious lunch.

Dietitians like Michelle Fundingsland said to remember the food groups of protein, fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains.

When packing a lunch, having the right portion size is also important. Servings of fruits and vegetables should be about the size of a baseball and for proteins the size of a deck of cards.

While preparing meals for the week, ask your child what kind of food they would like in their lunch.

“With a picky eater you will really want to sit down with them and have them make a list,” Fundingsland said. “What are all your protein foods you like, your grain foods, your fruits your vegetables, have alternatives, go through the menu and let them decide.”

She also said the lunches served at schools are usually portioned out to make sure all food groups are covered.